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Winter Wedding Series - Part One

This year seems to have flown by and now as the days become short and the nights long I figured it was a perfect time to write something for all those winter brides to be out there. I will put my hand up and admit that as I was putting together and writing this blog post I began to wonder if we should move our wedding from summer to winter as there seems to be so many winter-warming ideas to play with although I feel that this suggestion to my fiancé may land me in trouble… 


I feel like timings are the first thing that should be addressed as this is the one area that changes significantly from a summer to winter wedding. In Scotland darkness begins to creep in around 3 - 4 pm which means that if you were planning a 2 pm ceremony then your photography will really be struggling for daylight. I tend to find that the majority of my winter weddings go for a 12.30 or 1 pm ceremony. 


When it comes to choosing a venue for a winter wedding I think the most important thing on everyone’s minds should be - What if it snows? Now generally speaking snow doesn’t tend to come until February and March in Scotland but there have been instances of it coming sooner or later. Anyone remember the great snowfall of 2010?This is where venues that can accommodate both the ceremony and reception come into their own as it reduces the risks of getting stuck because of weather conditions. 

It is also important to decide if you want to incorporate the festivities into your wedding day as some venues have to most beautiful and extravagant Christmas decorations which will be idea props for those embracing the C word but if you want your wedding to be timeless then it may be an idea to have a chat with the venue about decorations and if there will be any up at the time of your wedding.


If you did decide that you wished to go for a later ceremony you could get a bit loose with the British wedding traditions and have all your group shots taken prior to the ceremony. Although you may need to be a bit more rigid with timings, winter weddings also provide a whole new back drop for breath taking wedding photographs - think about using those colourful sunsets to your advantage or have your photographer shoots some amazing back lit silhouette shots. Here are a few magical captures by some of our fav wedding photographers. 

Winter Wedding in Scotland  || Photo by Harper Scott Photography

Scottish Winter Wedding || Photo by Harper Scott Photography

Scottish Winter Wedding || Photo by Burfly Photography 

Scottish backlit wedding portrait // Photo by Zoe Alexandra Photography

 Romantic Scottish Wedding // Photo by Zoe Alexandra Photography 

I could ramble on and on about winter wedding ideas here as there are so many however to get some more inspiration head over to our Winter Wedding Pinterest board and get ready to lose a few hours of your life and keep an eye out for part two in our winter wedding series.