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Winter Wedding Series -Part Three

Winter wedding series

And now we come to our third and final offering from our winter wedding series. It was so much fun to put together and a really enjoyable experience. Look out for the Spring edition! 

Choosing the venue 

When it comes to choosing a venue for a winter wedding I think the most important thing on everyone’s minds should be - What if it snows? Now generally speaking snow doesn’t tend to come until February and March in Scotland but there have been instances of it coming sooner or later. Anyone remember the great snowfall of 2010?This is where venues that can accommodate both the ceremony and reception come into their own as it reduces the risks of getting stuck because of weather conditions. 

It is also important to decide if you want to incorporate the festivities into your wedding day as some venues have to most beautiful and extravagant Christmas decorations which will be idea props for those embracing the C word but if you want your wedding to be timeless then it may be an idea to have a chat with the venue about decorations and if there will be any up at the time of your wedding.

Photo credit: MELISSA KELSEY PHOTOGRAPHY via Pinterest 

Photo credit: MELISSA KELSEY PHOTOGRAPHY via Pinterest 

Dressing the venue 

Winter weddings are a perfect excuse to go to town with lighting.  Make use of that darkness and create twinkly backdrops with fairy lights or create an intimate cosy feel with the use of candles. Kinkell Byre in St Andrews is a great venue for a festive wedding and we love this snap of Gillian and Brian's by The Curries

Photography Credit: The Curries 

Photography Credit: The Curries 


Flowers may change from pastel to deep dark bouquets and arrangements that incorporate holly, berries, pinecones to name a few. The simple pinecone lends itself perfectly to winter wedding decor and can be used in so many ways it's hard to know where to start, but one suggestion is dipping them in glitter (we can't get enough glitter round these parts) 

Photo credit: Pinterest 

Photo credit: Pinterest 

Creating the aroma 

Now all couples are conscious of how they want their venue to look like but have you ever stopped to think of the smell? Our good friends over at The Little White Cow have recently joined forces with North East Chandlery to introduce a brand new “Scentscapping” service which is perfect for winter weddings as more time is spent indoors. 

To scent your day, you can choose from our menu of essential oil blends, which have been carefully designed with the emotions and atmosphere of weddings in mind, or you can design your own blend with our bespoke service. We use ultrasonic aroma diffusers in combination with handmade aromatherapy candles to scent your venue.


Check them out over here for more information and contact details. 

Blankets and Textures

We all love to get cosy under a blanket so why not have baskets of them dotted around your venue or guests to grab? Add a touch of Scottish heritage with tartans and tweets or bring in other textures such as furs (faux of course) and velvet. 

Photo Credit:  The Little White Cow  

Photo Credit: The Little White Cow 

Food and Drink 

Instead of a traditional champagne reception after the ceremony - why not celebrate with a mulled wine, hot cider or perhaps a boozy hot chocolate or liquor coffee. Our chums over at Something Brewed will provide everything you need to serve this to your guests. 

Photo Credit: Neil Thomas Douglas Photography 

Photo Credit: Neil Thomas Douglas Photography 

We also adore this little idea for canapés:


Lawn games and outdoor mingling may be out of the questions so why not have a DIY area for your guests to get involved and creative. Some bars we love are whisky, marshmallow, Gin, Cookie and of course our very own Glitter Bar

Photo credit: Abby Rose Photography 

Photo credit: Abby Rose Photography 

I could ramble on and on about winter wedding ideas here as there are so many however to get some more inspiration head over to our Winter Wedding Pinterest board and get ready to lose a few hours of your life.