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Why you should hire a Bridal Make-Up Artist

Hire a bridal make up artist

1. To help get your skin in tip top condition

A professional Make Up Artist (MUA) is worth their weight in gold when it comes to skin care. At the trial we analyse your skin and can help you with skin care routines, recommend products and let you know any ways in which we can boost your skin. After all good skin is central to creating a long lasting and flawless make up look.

2. Invaluable knowledge

MUA’s have spent their time & money to learn everything there is to know about make up. They know how to highlight your best features, fix brows to frame eyes, choose the right foundation for photography & a whole load more. Whats more an experienced bridal MUA can provide heaps of tips, tricks & knowledge about weddings in general not only about make up. We know how to keep you calm when your nervous or stressed & often we have encountered a Wedding Day problems or two before can provide the solution! We see ourselves as bridal assistants as well as make up artists. 2 for1 for you!

3. YOU are worth it

You have spent weeks, month even years imaging yourself on this day. You have saved hard & then spent this well earned cash on an amazing photographer, a beautiful dress & venue so don't skimp on you. You will look at your wedding pictures & videos for the rest of your life; they will become heir-looms and be passed down for many generations so make sure you look & feel the very best you can feel - it will come across in the pictures & in person. Having your hair & make up done is like a mini spa treatment. Yes you might be a dab hand with the make up brush & have invested hours into youtube tutorials but they cant prepare you for how you might feel on your wedding day. And although you have practiced the look a million times think back to every day situations when your make up looks amazing, then you do the exactly the same for a night out and bam! It all falls to pieces; mascara where it shouldn't be & false lashes that just wont stick!!! Leave this stress to the professionals, you will have enough to think about on the wedding morning!

4. You get what you pay for

You will find a large range of prices for makeup artists in your area. If there is an artist sporting super cheap prices for on-location wedding makeup, they are most likely lacking experience. Book with a professional with a portfolio, reviews, and a good reputation, because it is not worth hiring the wrong person for your wedding day!

5. Be the Center of Attention

Just because you have a cousin or bridesmaid who knows how to apply makeup, that doesn't mean that she will do a great job on your wedding day makeup. Most likely she will have a lot going on and things to do that day to get herself ready, you won't be her centre of attention, and your makeup may suffer because of it. A professional makeup artist makes it his or her job to make sure that the bride is the most important face of the day!

6. Your Party Wont look …..odd!

A pro MUA will take into consideration each bridesmaid's colouring and personal style to create a unique but uniform look for your entire bridal party. In a photograph you can spot a mile away who has had pro make up and who hasn't and it just makes group photos a bit strange! Hiring a pro will avoid the issue of the one bridesmaid who loves blusher (maybe a bit too much) or the one bridesmaid who refuses to wear makeup and looks slightly ill in your photographs!