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Life as a Wedding Make-up Artist....

life as a bridal make-up artist

There is no doubting the fact that a career as a make-up artist is becoming ever more popular. Over the last couple of years I have seen a real surge in emerging make-up artist and I think its fantastic. 

When I began my journey as a make-up artist we were few and far between. Heck, it was even impossible to find a course in make-up artistry which resulted in me travelling all the way to London for a two week stint at the Academy of Freelance Make-Up. Now there are courses popping up left right and center making it much more accessible to train as a make-up artist. 

I absolutely adore my career and feel blessed everyday that I can actually make a living from doing something that I love, however don't let that fool you..., being a bridal make-up artist is far from glamorous and involves a great deal of work behind the scenes that people don't see. In this post I am going to discuss several key elements you need to become a successful bridal make-up artist.

Good Product Knowledge

As a bridal make-up artist you are going to be dealing with a whole range of different skin tones and textures. You need to know and choose the right products for that particular skin type or client. You need to be able to pick out products that you know you can rely on to last a whole day and evening and you also have to be able to adapt you skills to cater for different ages and tastes. 

Absolute dedication and commitment

My business has now become an extension of me, pretty much my 4th child and equally demanding as the other three. If a bride has chosen you as her preferred vendor for the biggest day of her life the least you can give back is your dedication and commitment. Far too often I hear horror stories of make-up artists not turning up on the wedding day and it gives me the absolute fear. I have missed out on countless family occasions due to having a wedding booked that day or the day after. When you write a bride's name in your diary you are making a promise to her that you will be there on that day come hell or high water (or extreme sickness or a family emergency). You cannot cancel a few weeks before the event because Aunty Paula is having a family barbecue on the same day, or you found a last minute holiday deal and the dates clash. 

Not shy of an early start

Most of my bridal appointments start at 8am however I have done the odd 7am job too. Obvious location is a factor here but most of my wedding bookings are an hour or so drive which means leaving the house at 6.30am or 7 and getting up as early as 5am. This means lots of early nights and coffee and good bye to a jam packed social life. 

The ability to stay calm under pressure

This an absolute must. It also helps if you are a quick thinking problem solver. Although the majority of my brides are pretty laid back and relaxed, I have encountered a few panicked moments. You have to be able to remain calm and work well under pressure. I have never once found my job stressful however it can certainly be demanding. 

Excellent listening and communication skills 

At times I can be communicating with a whole bunch of bride-to-be's at the same time and one of my main aims is to make each one feel like I am their priority. They need to feel special and receive an excellent client experience and the way this is achieved is through communication skills. I always try and get back to my clients as soon as I possibly can and try to be there for them at all times whether that be via text, phone calls or emails. When it comes to trials it's 100% about what they want to look like, not how you want them to look. You need to be asking the right questions and listening closely so that you can confidently take this information and transform it in to a look that they will love and feel comfortable with (more about this later...) You also need to be able to gently guide them and if they suggest looks that you know are going to be unachievable you need to be able to suggest alternatives. 

This year I have been busy working behind the scenes writing and creating an online course to guide emerging make-up artists and help them achieve a successful bridal make-up business. The course will be open for registration over the next few weeks and covers modules such as communication, advertising, booking management, bridal consultations as well as much more. If you would like to register your interest head over here and receive a free e-guide on questions to ask at a bridal trial.