Sophie Alexis Make-Up Artist
Bridal Hair and Make Up Specialist

Save The Date | Planner inserts for wedding pro's

So I (Sophie) am a wedding make up artist, busy mum and also a self-confessed stationery addict. I am a to-doer and a list maker and have spent a small fortune on various planners, diaries, books, bullet journals, notebooks, folders, binders etc in the hope that one will fit all my needs. Sadly it never did and I ended up carrying about 4 various diaries and planners which all did different jobs - as you can imagine this meant a heavy bag and sore shoulder! So I took matters into my own hands and decided to create planner inserts that would not only work for me but also others in the wedding industry. This is where Tom came in, as he is a design enthusiast and has a penchant for perfection and Save the Date was created.



Save the Date - digital download

This 2 page per day printable planner insert is designed with those working in the wedding industry in mind. The left-hand page is designed to record all your client/job details and also features a daily schedule where you can list all your appointments or use as a time block tool. 

The right-hand page is where you can organise your workload and admin tasks. It is perfect for jotting down your day's focus and tasks, as well as call reminders and a "brain dump" space to get any ideas out your head and down on paper.

The pages are not dated and as it is a digital download you can use over and over for many years.